1st Annual South Carolina Kickin Bass 4 Troops Kayak Fishin Tourney

Saturday, September 12, 2020
6:00am - 6:00pm


Join us for the 1st Annual SC Kickin Bass 4 Troops Kayak Fishin Tourney by Socks and Cookies.

Proceeds benefit Deployed Military Units across the state of South Carolina

* Can fish any public access water in South Carolina

*** 10inch size min’s for this tourney – state and local laws must be followed.

*Eyes must be visible in all submitted photos.

*Socks and Cookies Identifier code is only code to be used when submitting photos.

*Tourney Director makes all judgment calls for submitted fish

*This is a fun tournament to raise money for Deployed Military Units in South Carolina. We hope all our Anglers comes in to have a good time with hopes to win some cool prizes and raise $$ for Deployed Military Units.

*Please follow rules.


Join us for the 1st Annual SC Kickin Bass 4 Troops Kayak Bass Fishin Tourney. This will be a South Carolina single day Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament on Saturday, April 11th.

The Top 3 Finishers will receive prizes TBA!
Update: if there are less than 10 anglers, the payout will be for the Top 2 Anglers.

Military please contact us @ shannon@socksandcookies.org for a special discount.

General Registration – $30
Active Duty/Veteran Registration – $20
First Responder’s – $25

All State and Local Laws must be followed.

Age: 15 and up

Rules Update:

Measuring Device You will need to provide your own measuring device. Any device can be used that can measure your fish to the nearest ¼”.

How to Measure The fish needs to be measured from left to right. Starting from the mouth on the left and ending with the tail on the right. Dorsal fin must be at the top. Please make sure your fish pictures are clear. Make sure we can see some of the mouth and the beginning of the measuring device. Eye must be seen. Completely covering the fish face will result in a DQ of the fish.

All bass must be submitted to the nearest 1/4”. If your fish is almost 20 3/4” but is not quite touching the 3/4” mark, your fish will be rounded down to 20 1/2”

TAKE a picture of your bass with mouth closed on your measuring board with your entire “Identifier Code” emailed by Socks and Cookies team clearly visible. If the identifier code is not in the photo or not visible and clear, the fish will be disqualified. If the mouth of your bass is even slightly opened, the fish will have half an inch deducted.

SUBMIT your catch on the TourneyX app or online at TourneyX.com before the deadline.

Source: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/1st-annual-sc-kickin-bass-4-troops-kayak-bass-fishin-tourney?fbclid=IwAR1_wu1PFmrnz6U94AZDng8VfzSTW_tbOI5ZbGD7Fiutb3IJFQjxSTrYXQ0